Self-Love: The Authentic Path to Conscious Leadership

The Authentic Path to Conscious Leadership 

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What is the Secret to Conscious Leadership and Self-Mastery?

Self-love is a topic many of us seek to avoid–yet it is one which has a profound impact on our happiness, effectiveness and spiritual growth as human beings. What is less well known is how self-love influences leadership ability. Drawing on both her professional experience and her award-winning published MBA research into the area of Self-Love and Leadership, Nerisha Maharaj describes how self-love impacts our ability to lead both ourselves and others successfully–sharing direct inspiring insights from her interviews with leaders and leadership experts. In the book, she discusses:

  • The meaning of self-love in its highest expression;
  • How self-love does not equate to narcissism and selfishness;
  • The impact of self-love on leadership attributes such as authencity and decision-making;
  • The Five Constructs of Self-Love; and
  • Practical coaching techniques on cultivating healthy levels of self-love.

This book highlights, for established and emerging leaders, the critical role which self-love can play in their overall well-being and ultimate performance. This encompasses not just corporate executives, but academics, parents, teachers, coaches, community leaders, political leaders, spiritual leaders, and just about anybody who chooses to lead both themselves and others to greater levels of growth and purpose. Already in its second print run, the book has been prescribed as reading by the UCT Graduate School of Business for the Masters in Inclusive Innovation class. The book was released in April 2016 at an official AWCA book launch at Unilever. 

Book reviews:

“My dear Nerisha, thank you for a reading treat! I couldn’t wait to start it when I found it safely on my desk in Cape Town….and then I couldn’t stop until I finished it! My blue highlighter ran out of ink before I got half way…there was so much of value to underline!You have written a fine book Nerisha. It is comprehensive, thorough and unpretentious. It is up to date, inspiring and uplifting. It made me think, meditate and pray. It is authentic, Real and just, as I have learnt you to be. I will read it again! And probably again!Thank you and my warmest congratulations.  It deserves great success!
Lots of love. ”
– Colin Hall, Former CEO Wooltru & SAB, Founder of Learning to Lead

“Thank you for this beautiful gift Nerisha. Once I got started it was really difficult to stop. There was so much that resonated with the journey that I find myself on as a leader, as a human…This piece of work should be expanded and shared with people all around the world. I think that so many could benefit from reading your book.Because once they do, they will be propelled to seek, explore, cultivate and reignite their Self-Love.

-Kumeshnee West, Director Executive Education, UCT Graduate School of Business

“Thank you so much for sharing Self Love, it is a fundamental part of child development in assuring balanced self loving adults and therefore creating peaceful living, which will flow over and embrace the whole planet. I am gaining so much from reading “Self Love” and your book has also put in perspective a lot of unanswered questions. We are truly blessed to have these insights and definitions put in a manuscript highlighting self love and together enlightening us on the topic, due to your brilliant research and commitment in shedding light on this tender topic. May your work be blessed and self love roam free this on this beautiful planet!”
– Nadia Sassin Peters, Buddhist Retreat Centre

“I have just read your book on Self Love which was given to me as a gift by our private banker at Nedbank and I want to congratulate you on a most fascinating read. Your book is full of wise understandings of higher order thinking and I love the way you have blended the many paths of spiritual wisdom into one. This sort of thinking is brave and challenging without being the usual motivational hog wash that one tends to see on bookshops. Well done.”
-Dr Devi Rajab – Psychologist, author and journalist

“I have told a lot of people about the book. It amazing how self-love is so relevant. I have had conversations with friends on self love, or its many forms and it comes up time and time again with people who are trying to achieve self mastery. You have opened my eyes. Thank you.”
– Christo Spetsiotis, Founding Director, Siyakhuluma Project

“I am really enjoying the book and it has provided a lot of opportunity for introspection and actions for improvement. One needs to read it more than once to fully absorb it and I am sure will be a constant reference going forward.”
– Ingrid Cawood, Risk Manager, Umgeni Water

“Your book has been a gift to my personal growth journey. It’s awakened aspects of my being I wasn’t even aware were there. Can’t wait to find out where it leads!”
–  Gabisile Ndwandwe, Category Finance Director, Unilever

“This book is a true gift and is required reading for everyone and I think should be part of the curriculum for business schools in particular… I also wanted to deeply thank you for what your book is bringing forth in the world not only for me but my clients! The topic has come up in conversations with friends too. Are you/have you run workshops around the book and Self Love? If you do, I will be the first to sign up!”
– Yahya Mayet, Coach and Founder of Empowered Studio

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  1. I won this amazing gift of your Self Love Book South Africa earlier this year. The book came at a perfect time in my life where I needed reinforcement of the Self-Love concept. I had an expanded consciousness or mystical experience of contact with my essence and soul 10 years ago. The book fuelled this awakening and calling in me to get back to the place of Self Acceptance as a Divine Holy Being that is Loved by God and most import Acceptance and Love of self and also finish writing my book which is part of my blessing, calling and gift to the World!

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