Work is Love made visible

Kahlil Gibran

“Nerisha approaches coaching in a very holistic and outcomes driven way. She adapts her approach and material to suit individuals very well. She uses the Enneagram as a basis for self-awareness. Core to her philosophy is that self-mastery and self-love are fundamental to effective leadership. Personally Nerisha has helped me grow as a leader. I have gained great insight into myself and my team and actively worked with her on areas I am aiming to improve. I have seen significant impact on team members who I set behavioural self- development objectives for. Feedback from customers and team members are testament to real change being effected.“

Ryan Gaines, CEO City Logistics

“Through Nerisha’s calmness and gentle guidance I felt like the weight of the world has been lifted from my mind, heart and shoulders after every session. She has the unique ability to read through all of the business politics, personal and emotional turmoil so accurately. She puts all this into focus through perspective provided. She just gets it! If I needed to provide a single phrase to define my coaching experience with Nerisha, it would be that she is a “BLESSING IN DISGUISE”. She has a way of organising and repackaging your own, sometimes confusing thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. She is someone you can confide in and learn more about yourself, your professional skills and career ambitions. Through her coaching she helps you to uncover and reach your full potential! Thank you for being part of my journey, Nerisha!”

Madrie Erasmus, CFO Santam Namibia

“The key message in Nerisha’s workshops and coaching sessions is that self-mastery is essential to achieve higher levels of consciousness and your leadership goals. Nerisha’s use of the Enneagram and Lumina Sparks tools perfectly supports her coaching philosophy. I have grown, both personally and professionally, and I have also seen a very positive impact on a number of our team members as a result of her coaching. Nerisha is a true professional.”

David Leisegang, Managing Director Bidvest Tank Terminals

“Coaching with Nerisha has made my leadership journey easier and has taught me to reflect on issues and problems using multiple lenses and/or perspective. The Enneagram has really made a difference to my understanding of how I understand, respond to and deal with people. Nerisha’s holistic approach is what has made a real tangible difference on my journey of self-mastery.”

Thuthu Mbhele, CFO University of KwaZulu-Natal

“Coaching helped develop more self awareness about my own limiting assumptions and how to overcome them. It was also pivotal to my own self confidence and helped me understand work related to my studies towards an MPhil Management Coaching.It was through coaching that I improved my own competency as a coach. I identified areas requiring my attention in terms of planning my work and leading my team.My coach assisted me to think through issues, to listen for understanding, to think strategically, to challenge my limiting assumptions, to excel at my studies.”

Linus Gwala, HR Director, Dundee Precious Metals Namibia

“Coaching or a coach is one of the valuable things that everyone should have. It provides honest and objective view on matters. It helps with both professional and personal life journey.”

Xolani Mbulawa, Managing Director, Bulk Connections Bidvest

“Nerisha’s coaching over the year and half that we worked together has revolutionised the way I view myself both personally and professionally. She helped me to shape new ways of thinking and new ways of being which got me through numerous challenges and enhanced the successes. I am truly grateful for Nerisha’s coaching style which was firm but always loving. She has helped me to ask good questions about my thinking and shift my thinking in ways that serve myself and those that I interact with better. Thank you for contributing to my leadership and Self-Love journey!”

Kumeshnee West, Director Executive Education, UCT Graduate School of Business

“Nerisha seems an expert in her chosen career of life coaching. She immerses herself in this process with others. Very open approach to coaching and pretty flexible to the needs of the incumbent.”

Botsepegi Motau, L&D Manager, Santam

“Nerisha is a gem! Coaching with her has changed my life in both my personal space and career. I have achieved things that I never would have gone for if it had not been for her coaching. There is no prodding or forcing, just a gentle spirit allowing you to engage with your inner self in a bid to get you to where you want to be. Thank you Nerisha!”

Nicolette Govender, Operations Manager Richards Bay, Bidvest Tank Terminals

“Nerisha you are great at what you do, a real blessing. Keep up the great work. I think sometimes we don’t realize the impact these Programmes have on our people at their hour of need in their personal and professional lives.”

Ntuthu Dingela, HR L&D Team, Santam

“On the Enneagram and coaching, it’s not just about leadership development, it’s about your life. Personally, I think it improved the quality of my life 100%. And I’m sure it is going to be even greater as I integrate it more and more into how I speak, think and act. What has changed for me is how much I am loving what I am doing. My work is a vehicle toward realising who I am. What unlocked it for me was the Enneagram, coaching with you, and your book. It really helped me to get to know who I am”.

Gabisile Ndwandwe, HPC Director, Unilever

“Hi Nerisha, it was an absolute life changing experience meeting you and attending your training. I hope you have travelled safely and that by God’s grace you have made it back home. I have implemented the actions discussed and had the best sleep in months…… so thank you for your wisdom and I wish you well.”

Jackson Kapuka, Procurement Manager, Dundee Precious Metals Namibia

“Nerisha is an exciting and dynamic person who I met when I was in a very vulnerable and dark place in my life and with her interaction, guidance, wisdom and personality has helped me transition into a better place in my life, both personally and professionally. I know that this experience with her helped me save my relationships (both personally & professionally) & my career. Dynamic, professional, knowledgeable, warm, comforting, wise & guiding are some of the words that I would use to describe her as a person and a mentor & I know that any person interacting with her can only benefit from the experience, which I have had the pleasure of doing. She is unbelievable!”

Malcolm Latchmiah, Manager Pre-lab/Sendaway, Ampath Laboratories

“At first I was very skeptical about everything and thought I won’t get much out of this. I was totally wrong and surprised when I really started noticing the value of Nerisha and her guidance in this journey. I worked on one or two main things that I thought were important for me to master, or try to improve in my life. For me the testimony in all this is when people close to you starting to see the changes you made are relevant in your life. the journey are not finished yet, and would recommend it to anyone that would like to do introspection in their life.”

Janco Visser, Relationship Manager, Santam, Leadership Excellence Programme

“Nerisha helped me to find my voice and supported me towards having more courageous conversations in both my personal and professional life. She challenged me to view things from a different perspective and positively helped to re-wire my way of thinking. Her knowledge of yoga was a well received bonus gift. Our sessions were indeed a priviledge that I will forever be grateful for.”

Ntando Ngubane, National Account Manager RCL Foods

“The desire to get coaching came at a time in my life when I was grappling what felt like a deep inertia and complacency in my life. I felt devoid of purpose and that somehow my life had reached a frustrating point of stagnation that I neither understood nor could bear. Serendipitously, a friend recommended Nerisha to me after gushing about her great experience with her. Nerisha turned out to be a beacon of light. With her coaching I have been able to find a positive momentum in my life; unblock years of hidden emotional burdens and baggage. This has helped me transform into a brighter and more energetic being, willing and able to reach for bigger dreams. Coaching with Nerisha is something that continues to help peel back the layers that shroud better thinking and being and I cherish the sessions with her more than anything else in my calendar! I recommend her to anyone in need to of self-discovery and rediscovery of purpose. She is truly gifted in her work and she creates a space where you can feel safe, respected and nurtured towards a more fulfilled you. Nerisha has been a huge a catalyst in my life journey. She helped uncover the root of all the things that were holding me back from being true to myself and chasing my dreams. Through her coaching I was able to get opportunities to live abroad and publish a book. She has been a huge support for me.”

Vuyo Henda, Brand Marketing Director, Unilever

“Nerisha is an excellent coach and I would recommend anyone to do these types of coaching as they challenge your thoughts, and context was good and the workshop was fun. It was very enjoyable.”

Sandile Ndlovu, HR Manager, Bidvest Tank Terminals

“The sessions with Nerisha were what I would consider “conversations” like no other. It allowed me to view life differently and I learnt something new in every session. It was empowering!”

Arika Gengan, Finance Manager, Bidvest Tank Terminals

“Nerisha is a breath of fresh air and a shining light in this world. Her positive and honest approach was welcoming. Nerisha’s input has changed my life and I will never forget the time I spent with her during our telephonic coaching sessions.”

Monica Vizzi, Manager: Group Intelligence, Santam

“Nerisha made me feel at ease and comfortable to address some of my uncomfortable issues be it my past and spiritual dilemma. She has great expertise in coaching and in enable her participant to discover his/her inner spirit. I am in awe of her compassion, her empathy, and her concern for her patients and their journey of self-discovery. She is very knowledgeable at the subject matter. I am a different person that I was before my sessions with her. I wholeheartedly recommend her to others.”

Mdu Shabalala, HR Manager, Bidvest Tank Terminals

“Once again thank you, the most profound session was the last session we had yesterday. I took more out of the talk on spirituality from you than I have from any other spiritual leader or discourse, thank you for this as well. p.s. you have awoken a spiritual interest in me, thank you for this. It is not what I expected or thought I would get out of coaching, but I am ever so grateful.”

Kratisha Soodhin, Technical Manager, Acti-chem SA

“I went into the session with an open mind, but also a little skeptical that all the team would accept this new way of thinking. Nerisha’s experience, knowledge and facilitation style quickly won everyone over, and I am hopeful the team, as well as myself, will look at how we approach interactions differently and with a slightly wider lens!”

Philippa Aschmann, Business Unit Head, Conversation Lab

“Coaching for me has definitely been an eye opener. From childhood, throughout school and university, the emphasis in our lives has always been IQ. No one ever teaches you how to be a good person or how to communicate and interact or even the importance of having an EQ and SQ to match or balance the IQ which we spend the first 20 years of our life trying to strengthen and improve. Nerisha has been an excellent coach and I have really enjoyed working with her. Coaching is a hard work as it forces you to see the truth about yourself and your environment. There is a lot of introspection required and it sometimes requires strength, courage and a pinch salt to understand and accept the reality and truth in our circumstances and lives. From coaching I have learnt to be the change that I want to see in the world because if there is one corner in the universe were I can be certain of improving, then that corner lies within myself.”

Kirosha Pillay, Process Engineer, Bidvest Tank Terminals

“Seeing Nerisha on a monthly basis is one of the best decisions I’ve made. She is highly knowledgeable and her advice is always informative and practical. What really shines through is her passion and sincerity towards my success. She is an inspirational coach!”

Christo Spetsiotis, Founding Director, Siyakhuluma Project

“Nerisha you are extremely good at what you do, I really enjoyed interacting with you. your ability to connect with people is some what profound.”

Yusuf Suder, Sales Manager, Mi-Way Santam

“I can write pages as this coaching helped me a lot personally spiritually and professionally. It felt like it was meant to be as Nerisha tought me a lot regarding my spiritual journey. I started to do thing differently since my coaching. I started meditating on daily basis. I became more calmer and attended to different situations differently. I felt like I was meant to meet Nerisha as i was going through a lot at the time but now i am in peace. thank you Nerisha.”

Zoliswa Mathonsi, Motor Claims Manager, Santam

“I hope I’ll always remember that you are a gift from God. No amount of words can express my gratitude. You have gone over and above what I expected. You share your resources freely. You take time to analyze issues and challenges so we can deal with them and find solutions. Your coaching has been somewhat a lamp unto my feet. You are more that a life coach to me.”

Jabu Ninela, Senior Finance Manager, Dube Tradeport

“I only started coaching because somebody I highly respected recommended it to me. Before I started coaching, I was not sure about which direction I wanted my careeer or personal life to take. After a few sessions I found myself looking forward to the next session. Twelve sessions later with Nerisha, I am sure about my purpose in life, my career and my decision making abilities. My confidence has improved dramatically and I am now facing issues head on when I used to shy away from them before coaching. I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels any level of uncertainty about their career.”

Philela Mbongwe, CA(SA), Investec

“It was very useful. Nerisha asked questions in a manner that led me to look at the situation holistically and come up with a number of useful next steps. I got great value from the engagement and will happily talk to Nerisha in a similar fashion again…I have had the pleasure of meeting Nerisha while studying at UCT. Nerisha is the kind of person that one rarely meets – highly accomplished, superbly talented, and quick to master anything she puts her mind to. But what impresses me most about her is her ability for deep introspection and spirituality in addition to her academic talents. Nerisha’s advice and suggested readings have been invaluable in my own development as a leader during our studies and I consider her not only a trusted friend but a mentor as well. She comes highly recommended.”

Eugene van der Meulen, (MBA) IT Director, ACI Worldwide

“Nerisha has a calming influence on restless souls with a keen ability to cut through clutter to the heart of an issue. She also has a talent for discussing shortcomings and flaws in a personality without the subject feeling judged or invalidated. In the short time I spent with Nerisha I was able to grow in leaps and bounds in all aspects of my life. It was an experience that cannot be done justice in a few short sentences and something I hope and pray everyone gets to experience at some point. Thank you Nerisha for your contribution to my journey.”

Max Tietz, Project Engineer, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb Namibia

“I would like to thank you again for our discussion, it was a revelation for me and Thank You”

Odile Patricia Norolalao, Early Learner Fellow, World Bank

“Nerisha helped me make small changes in my life which led to a greater impact. She is authentic and was an excellent resource in bring out the best in me and my career development. She is someone I can share anything with and provides guided advice where needed.”

Lisa Minnaar, Commercial Manager, Santam

“Nerisha helped me make small changes in my life which led to a greater impact. She is authentic and was an excellent resource in bring out the best in me and my career development. She is someone I can share anything with and provides guided advice where needed.”

Itumeleng Matsebatlela, Development Consultant, SA Homeloans

“Life Coaching has offered me something so basic yet critical for each of us that it sometimes seems absurd to need it – understanding of myself. Moving through life we make continuous choices, we interact and react to the world around us, yet frequently cannot explain ourselves or others clearly. I look around myself daily and cannot find a single friend or family member who would not benefit from deeper understanding and knowledge of themselves. If possible I would gladly sign up everyone I meet, if only for a few sessions to build the ground work. Ground work which will last them for a lifetime and lead to even greater fulfilment for them all. Fortune has favoured me with a coach such as Nerisha – I hope others will be as fortunate.”

Flipi Poggenpoel, Category Operations Management, Unilever

“Nerisha is a very effective coach. She listens intently and was very effective in making me challenge some of my long held assumptions. Nerisha has a wealth of experience and focusses on multiple facets of an individual’s wellbeing. Her approach is empathetic and non-threatening.”

Edwin Ukama, Channel Marketing Executive, RCL Foods

“Nerisha thank you so much for insightful and meaningful coaching sessions that have allowed me to relook at my pre-judgements and fears that may be impacting or limiting my potential. The sessions have provided me with a platform to explore and expand my leadership potential, understand who I am and what I would like to achieve and challenge my way of thinking. Self-growth only comes from self-awareness. I am most grateful for the opportunity to work with you so early in my career.”

Farzanah Mall, CA(SA), Associate Director KPMG, National President Business Women’s’ Association

“I have come to the realisation that different people enter our lives at different times…. for a reason. I met Nerisha in the doorway of a mutual friend’s apartment. This amazing young woman and life coach has in turn opened so many more doors for me. She convinced me, just after one session that I was worthy of a nomination for the Regional Business Women’s Association Awards. With gentle persuasion, I agreed and the result was an amazing award in the professional category. Her wisdom and maturity and commitment far surpasses her years. Thanks Nerisha for continuing to bring light into my life, showing me strengths that I had forgotten and reminding me that we CAN!”

Dr Monica Vaithilingum, Paediatric Haematologist, Winner Business Women’s Award 2013 (Professional category)

“Nerisha has been a blessing in disguise for me, or more the blessing I needed to help equip me with the necessary (hidden :)) skills to navigate my life as an individual, a mother, a partner and an as employee. Thank you for being a part of my journey.”

Heidie Hashipala, HR Administrator, Santam Namibia

“I never considered myself the type to go for life coaching as I didn’t know what it entailed. However, a chance encounter with Nerisha (in which I was completely impressed by Nerisha) motivated me to give it a try. And so began my journey with Nerisha. Nerisha encourages you to introspect, reflect, expand your horizons and challenge belief systems. Nerisha has helped me know myself, integrate different aspects and get clear on desired outcomes. She supports on a holistic level and empowers her coachees to live our highest good and be our best selves. Her impressive credentials as a CA, MBA graduate and yoga teacher also ensures she achieves tangible results. It has been an incredible journey thus far, which keeps on getting better. Thank you Nerisha!”

Roshan Rahmtoola, CA(SA), Business Consultant, PWC

“It has been a truly wonderful experience working with you with regards to coaching. I have discovered so much about myself, that I really had not even though about in the past few years. Our sessions are refreshing and enlightening, and I always walk away with a feeling of enrichment. I discover more about myself, and really enjoy the questions we discuss. It makes me realise that I am currently on a path, which I started out many years ago. These sessions are a must for anyone, who wants to develop, understand or grow themselves. Thank you for making my Tuesdays so valuable.“

Sue Moodley, MD and Founder,

“I met Nerisha at an Enneagram workshop that she hosted. Initially, I was not particularly interested in the subject. It was her signature that interested me – a CA turned yogi and life coach, someone who had given up the corporate world and chosen her own path. I had to find out how. I found the Enneagram workshop thought provoking and enlightening, therefore I opted for life coaching with Nerisha. There is a light and radiance emanating from Nerisha which one feels coming through in the coaching. I feel significant shifts in my perspectives and day to day interactions. Nerisha’s ability to reframe challenges has been most helpful. Her guidance is from a “soul” perspective which appeals to my desire to become my best self. I would recommend Nerisha to anyone looking to refresh their journey through life.”

Sumaiya Moola CA(SA), Finance Manager, Toyota

“The thing that sets Nerisha aside from others in the market is her dual skills. Her background as a CA with a successful corporate career gives her a practical insight and perspective which I found greatly beneficial. At the same time, she has a strong focus on self-development based on the individual’s value system and personality, and I found the resulting paradigm shift profoundly empowering and energising. Ultimately, she is hugely helpful in realizing and reaching one’s individual potential and goals.”

Prishani Seebaran, Finance Manager, Life Health Care Entabeni Hospital

“Nerisha’s manner and caring nature make working with her a pleasure. The way in which she coached me was gentle and yet helped me uncover deep and valuable insights and wisdom I didn’t even know I knew. Through what we discovered I am clearer about what I want and am more empowered in making the changes I need to.”

Candice Smith, EQ trainer, LifeRhythm & Contemporary Parenting

“I have been fortunate enough to have been put in contact with Nerisha and can already appreciate the impact the coaching sessions I have had with her have on my leadership abilities and the well-being and performance of my team.”

Roxanne Mingard, Procurement Capabilities Manager, Unilever

“Coaching has helped me to discover myself and love myself. Something I’ve struggled with over years. I believe that the past 10 months of coaching has helped me see things from a different perspective and I’ve become a better leader. Nerisha is a compassionate listener which makes it easy for me to share my innermost thoughts with her.”

Lushentha Naido, Finance Manager, Unilever

“Nerisha is a committed and passionate life coach. Her self-belief in her techniques is very evident during the sessions. Her coaching style is simple and practical which makes it easy for one on their transformational journey. Nerisha guides one to tackle the external challenges by searching inside one’s self for internal power and thus become consciously aware of their infinite potential. My personal transformation with Nerisha has brought me a greater sense of personal power and happiness. Thank you Nerisha!”

Pam Chetty, MD Glacier Chemical Solutions

“THANK YOU for all your help in assisting me with my transformation. I am on to my second week of my finding myself. It’s been a beautiful journey thus far. I have had my ups and downs and have been focusing on releasing the negative feelings and energy around me… I focused on knowing that I am allowed to make mistakes and allowed to change my mind. This has helped me (big thank you) believe that I am not a failure. I am so proud of what I have accomplished in just a few days. Meeting with you was the greatest inspiration in my life and I can’t thank you enough. I am very proud that I met you and would love to share that with anybody so that they can learn and go forward in their life journey. You gave me back the ability to believe in myself. Thank you for all you have done for me. THANK YOU!”

Tasleem Khan, Banqueting Co-ordinator, Royal Sechaba