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Why is self-awareness, self-mastery and EQ relevant to business and personal growth today?

Future work trends show that the need for meaningful employee engagement will continue to grow in importance. These trends include:

  • Diverse needs and wants from Generations Z and Y
  • Increasing emphasis on greater productivity in the face of fewer people and larger roles
  • Increasing reliance on virtual communication
  • The evolution of the psychological contract between employees and employers from traditional transactional models to relational partnerships

While the focus is commonly on corporate culture and job design, my focus is on the human being, underpinned by research which shows engagement to be a human choice, dependent on intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors. 

My offerings

Online Facilitation

Online Facilitation: Clockwork Leadership Team Self-Mastery through the Enneagram & Coaching

In Person Facilitation

Medical Scientists at Caprisa: Self-Mastery through the Enneagram, Self-Love & Brain Styles Workshops

Online and in person facilitation. Level 1 B-BEE. Workshop material is based on both academic and practitioner research. Topics, content, and platform are tailored for organisational needs and strategy. Workshops and assessments offered (Enneagram, Lumina, EQ and Brain Styles), and shown below. For a quote and to discuss your organisational training needs, please email Nerisha on

Self-mastery through the Enneagram and Advanced Team Dynamics

The Enneagram is a life-changing archetypal typology that offers in-depth insight into individuals with the ‘keys’ to enhance self-mastery and team understanding. It is rooted in ancient traditions and encompasses the intelligence of mind, body, heart, and spirit. It is a multi-dimensional typology that acknowledges the complexity of being human.

Today, it is used by many executive leadership coaches and psychologists around the world, and extensively by corporate organisations to enhance our knowledge of ourselves and others, enabling us to interact more effectively and empathetically. It is an insightful tool because it helps us to understand who we are in light and shadow and is based on the principle that there are nine personality masks or ways of seeing the world. Areas addressed:

  • Removing ‘blind spots’ to identify development areas and strengths enhances both self-mastery and team performance.

Liberation and growth of self is unlocked through understanding our fixations and how to be free of them. The workshop is dynamic and brings forth the content through powerful multimedia and experienced coach facilitation.

Interactive Enneagram

Conversation Lab Leadership Team – Self-Mastery through the Enneagram

I think the Enneagram is a wonderful tool however I must stress that without you it would be just another tool. Thank you for your warmth, kindness and compassionate nature

Itumeleng Matsebatlela, Development ConsultantSA Homeloans

Lumina Sparks (both team and individual level)

Lumina Sparks One
Lumina Sparks Two

EQ and Brain Style Assessments (both team and individual level)

Other Workshops and Training

  • The Fundamentals of Self-Love and Leadership
  • Leadership Maturity Model and the Four Intelligences
  • Holistic Wellness (including yoga and meditation)
  • Any other human flourishing topic that addresses an organisational need

My DDI workshops as an associate facilitator for Deloitte included:

  • Boosting Business Results – Mahle Behr
  • Executing Strategy – Durban University of Technology (80 academics)
  • Communicating for Leadership Success – Engen, Dube Tradeport, Mahle Behr
  • Making High-Quality Decisions – Bidvest
  • Coaching for Peak Performance – Engen
  • Improving Personal Productivity – Engen, Vector Logistics, Bidvest Logistics
  • Business Presentation Skills – Beiersdorf, RCL
  • Targeted Selection – KZN Legislature and Hulamin
DPMT Managers

Management Team Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb (Namibia) – Self-Mastery through the Enneagram, EQ and Coaching

Nerisha approaches coaching in a very holistic and outcomes driven way. She adapts her approach and material to suit individuals very well. She uses the Enneagram as a basis for self-awareness. Core to her philosophy is that self-mastery and self-love are fundamental to effective leadership. Personally, Nerisha has helped me grow as a leader. I have gained great insight into myself and my team, and actively worked with her on areas I am aiming to improve. I have seen significant impact on team members who I set behavioural self-development objectives for. Feedback from customers and team members are testament to real change being effected.

Ryan Gaines, CEO City Logistics