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How To Start And Sustain Your Meditation Practice: 5 Simple Guidelines

By 29 May 2020February 4th, 2022No Comments

How To Start And Sustain Your Meditation Practice

“How can I learn to meditate?” It is music to my ears when clients ask this question, because it means that they are beginning to understand the value of bringing meditation into their lives. Human beings ultimately want to be happy. It takes maturity, born from life experience and spiritual wisdom, to realize that true happiness cannot be lastingly found in things outside of us. Money, fame, status, relationships – these fleeting pleasures are all transient and cannot gives us true inner contentment. Real happiness is a way of Being. It can only be found in the Self.

How can we access this? Through meditation – turning the mind inward, away from external distractions, to experience who we truly are, thus unlocking an inner peace beyond the restless cogitations of the mind. Many feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting a meditation practice, but meditation is actually quite simple. Find the rest of my article, with guidelines on how to meditate here:

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