Teaching yoga in its pure intended spirit

Yoga in Sanskrit means ‘to yoke’, implying union with the Divine Self. It encompasses far more than just the physical postures or asanas, and can a life-changing experience when understood and practised in line with the pure originally intended teachings. Yoga helps one to attain “yogas chitta vritti nirodha” (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1:2), a stilling of the fluctuations of the mind. When the mind becomes quiescent, the Self stands revealed.
My training includes a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training, 12 years as a yoga practitioner, over 1 000 hours of yoga teaching experience, decades as a meditation practitioner, and formal advanced meditation training in Rishikesh, India.

Breaking limiting thought habits and patterns requires moving beyond thinking and feeling, into Awareness or Being. This is the ‘witness consciousness’ state that allows us to access the gap between stimulus and response, which is fundamental to our evolution to higher levels of functioning. Moving beyond the mind allows us to access our other intelligences of spirit, heart and body, which research shows is far more effective as a leadership competency than mental intelligence alone. I understand the corporate world and how to tailor ‘creative’ platforms, such as yoga, to be appropriate, relevant, and effective to corporate audiences, whilst staying true to the authenticity of yoga.

City Logistics Leadership & Management Team

City Logistics Leadership & Management Team

Teaching the Unilever Customer Development Team

With the advent of digitalisation, so many people struggle with insomia and anxiety, as a result of simply not being able to ‘switch the mind off’. I assist both private and corporate clients in improving their pscho-somatic awareness, energy, relaxation, mental mastery and concentration abilities through the platforms of yoga and meditation. My corporate clients have included Spar, Unilever and Discovery Health. Just one session awakens in people the experience of peace and Being, leading them to want to consciously learn how to better manage their physical and mental health.

I have also  served as a teacher for non-profit initiatives such as teaching disadvantaged children on the Township Yogi project and Ramakrishna Mission upliftment programme. Due to both the pandemic and my schedule, I am currently no longer teaching at any yoga studio, but am taking on a limited number of private clients, who are interested in learning true yoga, via online Zoom classes. My coaching clients also have the option of utilising any of their coaching sessions as a practical yoga and meditation class. Please email me if interested in booking classes.

Teaching the kids at Inanda – Township Yogi Project

Teaching at the Township Yogi fundraiser

Teaching the MPhil Inclusive Innovation class – UCT Graduate School of Business

Teaching proper Sanskrit chanting to yoga teachers – workshop

Once again thank you, the most profound session was the last session we had yesterday. I took more out of the talk on spirituality from you than I have from any other spiritual leader or discourse, thank you for this as well. Ps. you have awoken a spiritual interest in me. Thank you for this. It is not what I expected or thought I would get out of coaching, but I am ever so grateful.

Kratisha Soodhin, Technical ManagerActi-chem SA